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Nonprofit festival powered by 30k volunteers

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As we approach summer, festival season gets into full swing. But many of them have a pretty poor impact of the environment, with the amount of single-use plastic produced – and wasted.

That's why it's a breath of fresh air to hear about a festival that is totally, 100% "for good".

Roskilde Festival is the largest music and arts festival in Northern Europe – and also one of the oldest. Taking place from 25th June - 2nd July, it will be an eight-day exploration of music, art, activism, community, camps and freedom.

And what makes the festival unique is that the event is 100% non-profit, meaning all profits from the festival are donated in full to charitable and non-profit purposes. Since 1971, the Roskilde Festival Charity Society has distributed over EUR 55 million to support initiatives for children and young people and to support humanitarian and cultural organisations all around the world.

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This year, there are more than 60 artists and acts, featuring activists from the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House, who will talk about solidarity in these horrible times characterised by a brutal war.

In the 'community centre' Flokkr, there will be climate activists from Fridays for Future, and people can get answers to their questions in the live ‘problem page’ Kh Underlive(translates to ‘yours truly, your lower body’).

The strapline of the festival is: "It's time to act".  

"The answer is that more than ever we all need to stand closer together, face ourselves and each other and find some solutions," they say. "Solutions that go beyond ourselves and cross borders.

"Human rights are under pressure. The climate crisis is devastating. People are driven to flee by war. We need to come up with a new blueprint. To think in new ways of living and being in the world. We must ensure development together. Not at the expense of nature or people but in solidarity and with care."

Another unique part of the festival is the fact that it's run and created by 30,000 volunteers. "Roskilde Festival as an event has a beginning and an end," they say, "but in the big festival community, we can create a movement together. A movement of solidarity that will not be stopped."

Inspired to act?

VOLUNTEER: Find out about volunteering opportunites for the festival – this year and beyond. 

SUPPORT: Find out more and support the foundation that runs the festival.

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