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Speak Up! Ep 6 - Seeking Gender Equality Within Diversity

Words by Joshua Doherty

In the latest episode from Smiley Movement's socially impactful series, four inspiring activists come together, each symbolising a beacon of hope.

Dive into a Profound Discussion on Intersectional Gender Equality 

Personal tales of courage intertwine with insights on universal human rights in this episode. Witness Zohreh’s passionate plea for human equality and her relentless fight against dictatorship in Iran. Hear Mallika's advocacy for inclusivity, Marvina’s reflections on privilege, and Nada’s heart-wrenching escape from child marriage. This episode stands as a testament to the resilience and power of the human spirit.

Join Our Journey of Empowerment 

Be part of a conversation that transcends gender equality, celebrating diverse voices striving for a just world. Tune in and be moved by the stories that shape our collective fight for a better tomorrow.

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