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The Worlds First Catwalk Exclusively Showcasing Models with Poland Syndrome

Words by Harrison Read

A group of young women with Poland Syndrome have had the chance to walk the catwalk, modeling a host of amazing bespoke outfits designed by Malawian designer, Lily Alfonso.

The accessible fashion show was hosted at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, with PIP-UK invited as their guest charity. 

Poland Syndrome is a rare congenital condition, where people are born with underdeveloped chest muscles, which often leads to asymmetry of the chest as well as hand abnormalities. 

Sam Fillingham, CEO, PIP-UK said “This accessible fashion show today means that we have been seen and heard in the fashion world for the first time as a community with Poland Syndrome. 

People living with Poland Syndrome will never bump into anyone else in everyday life with Poland Syndrome. I made it my quest to make sure that no-one was ever alone with Poland Syndrome again.”

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