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What is it like living with Poland Syndrome?

Words by Harrison Read

This Poland Syndrome Awareness Day, we spoke to young women with the condition to hear about their experiences with it in everyday life. “For me personally, the hardest part of living with Poland Syndrome is the misunderstanding, the mistreatment that we get from a lot of medical professionals who try to dismiss us”  - Becca Butcher, award winning blogger and Poland Syndrome advocate. 

Poland Syndrome is a rare congenital condition, where people are born with underdeveloped chest muscles, which often leads to asymmetry of the chest as well as hand abnormalities. 

Another young woman with the condition said that her journey to diagnosis was challenging and that  the doctors struggled with understanding ‘what was going on with’ her body, and that they never sent her for any analysis or check-ups. 

Let’s try and raise awareness for the condition and support the great work of PIP - UK Poland Syndrome Support.

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