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This charity wants a rewilding site in every English county

Words by Abi Scaife

One charity is on a mission to create nature recovery sites in every county.

Tell me more.

Raise money. Buy land. Rewild it. That is the motto of Heal, a rewilding charity based in the UK, which is on a mission to - you guessed it - help rewild our country.

We’ve talked extensively about rewilding at Smiley News - (but if you’re not sure what all this rewilding malarky is about, you can read our guide.)

How does Heal work?

Heal is using donations, fundraisers and more to raise money which they are then using to buy land in the UK.

Their most recent purchase is the Heal site in Somerset, which they are currently carrying out research on, to see what kinds of wildlife lives in the vicinity, and the best way to help out.

The ultimate goal is to have at least one rewilding site in each county in the UK, to maximise the different species of wildlife that can be helped through their charity.

If you want to get involved with Heal, you can do so by supporting them on their website.

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