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Today is World Encephalitis Day, but what actually is it?

Words by Harrison Read

Today (22nd of February) is World Encephalitis Day, The global awareness day for people who have been directly or indirectly affected by encephalitis, but what actually is encephalitis?

Encephalitis is essentially inflammation of the brain. It can be caused by viral infections or other factors. Symptoms may include headache, fever, confusion, seizures, and difficulty moving. Treatment typically involves antiviral medications, corticosteroids, and supportive care to manage symptoms and reduce inflammation.

Early recognition and treatment can save lives and improve patient outcomes.

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World Encephalitis Day was Launched by Encephalitis International in 2014, It plays a crucial role in raising awareness about encephalitis worldwide. By shining a spotlight on this often overlooked condition, it helps educate the public and healthcare professionals about the signs, symptoms, and consequences of encephalitis. This increased awareness can lead to earlier detection, prompt treatment, and improved outcomes for patients. 

The awareness day fosters solidarity among those affected by encephalitis, providing a platform for sharing experiences, supporting one another, and advocating for better resources and support services. 

Overall, the impact of World Encephalitis Day is significant in driving understanding, support, and action to combat this serious neurological condition.

 If you would like to find out more or support Encephalitis International’s World Encephalitis Day appeal, please visit or search for the #WorldEncephalitisDay and #Red4WED hashtags on social media.

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