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UK charities providing relief in Turkey and Syria

Words by Abi Scaife

UK charities are stepping up to help citizens in Turkey and Syria that have been affected by the earthquakes there.

What happened?

In the early hours of Monday 6th February, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Gaziantep, Turkey. The second quake was 7.7 magnitude, and the two were felt as far away as Cyprus and Cairo.

A series of aftershocks have followed these quakes, causing further damage to southern Turkey and northern Syria. More than 5,600 buildings have collapsed, and thousands of lives have been taken, with many more trapped or injured.

Who is stepping up to help?

Many countries around the world have stepped up to give aid - including the UK.

There are also plenty of UK charities who are helping out, whether that is sending people over to help with the aftermath, or raising money to contribute supplies and provisions.

Here are some of the charities that you can donate to, to help in the aftermath of these disasters:

British Red Cross is helping groups of local rescuers to find people affected by the earthquake. They have launched a crisis response operation and are providing emergency first aid and evacuation to those who are most in need. Support them now.

Oxfam is on the ground in Turkey and Syria, working with partner organisations to assess the needs of the lives affected by the earthquakes. They expect their emergency response to consist mainly of water and sanitation, shelter and food support as well as longer-term rehabilitation and reconstruction. Any donations will contribute to this. Support them.

Save the Children is working with longtime partners in Turkey and Syria to help children and their families who have lost everything thanks to the earthquakes. Donations will help fund food, warm blankets, winter clothes and shelter materials for families, as well as help set up safe spaces for women and children, and provide psychological support to children. Support their work.

Islamic Relief is running operations in both Turkey and Syria, to provide people from each country with what they need. In Turkey, their current focus is providing emergency medical assistance, shelter and cash grants to meet immediate needs. In Syria, the priority is providing health and medical supplies to hospitals and clinics, as well as blankets and tents to those who have lost their homes. Support here.

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