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Why we need the urban worm farming movement

Words by Smiley Team

Did you know... one tablespoon of worm manure will feed a plant for three months? It also contains more microorganisms than humans on the planet. And one tonne of worm manure can replace the need of eight tonnes of cow manure. 

Our planet needs soil, and worms make soil. Worm manure is soil. So worms are an incredibly powerful part of our world. That’s why Anna de la Vega wants you to become your own worm farmer – in your own home.

As the founder of social enterprise, The Urban Worm, Anna is on a mission to solve problems of waste management, while also replenishing the Earth’s soil. 

The Urban Worm received a grant from the National Lottery to send out 1,000 packs of composting tiger worms to anyone willing to make a homemade worm farm: so far, she has posted out 832 packs of worms to individuals, schools and community groups.

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So, the question on all your minds: what is a worm farm, and why should you have one?

Why worm farming?

Worm farming is another way of disposing unwanted food waste – all while also getting a nutrient-rich fertiliser as well. You can put food waste into the worm farm, and they’ll eat their way through it.