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Viral TikTok results in entire group of shelter cats getting adopted

Words by Tess Becker

The internet can be an incredibly powerful tool and something as small as a video going viral can change lives. Such is the case of an entire group of cats at a Kansas City, Missouri animal shelter.

The shelter, Wayside Waifs, posted a video to TikTok with the intent of showing off some of their cats available for adoption. The internet caught wind of it and the video went viral. At the time of writing, the video sits at over 1.6 million views. 

With the cute video urging people to adopt, people took to action, adopting all but two of the cats featured in the video.

“It was actually something that one of our feline care technicians thought of. What kind of animal likes people? What kind of animal would wanna snuggle with the other kittens?” Casey Waugh with Wayside Waifs said.

Wayside Waifs is the largest pet adoption campus in Kansas City, and helps over 5,000 animals a year find new homes. The organization has been around since 1944, at one point under another name, and today sits on a 50-acre farm.

They even have a massive pet cemetery called Wayside Waifs Pet Memorial Park.

“[Our mission is] preparing pets and people for the bond of their lives,” they write.

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